II. Functioning of accounts
Class 4.  Accounts receivable and payable

41. Customers -
Trade receivables and related accounts


Receivables from the sale of goods or services related to the entity's operating cycle are recorded in account 41 " Customers - Trade receivables and related accounts ".

Account 411 " Customers " is debited with the amount of invoices for the sale of goods or services by crediting:

Account 411 is credited by debiting:

  • a cash account for payments received from customers;

  • one of the subdivisions of account 70 for the amount of credit notes issued by the entity when goods are sent back by customers;

  • Account 413 " Customers - Bills receivable " when customers accept a bill of exchange or receive a promissory note;

  • Account 709 " Sales allowances, discounts, rebates given " for the amount of sales allowances given to customers without invoices;

  • Account 4191 " Customers - Other credit balance receivables " for the balance of the account.

Account 4117 " Customers - Holdback " is debited, where applicable, with the amount of holdbacks made by customers from the agreed price, until the end of the agreed guarantee period; in counterpart, the customer account is credited.

Account 416 " Customers - Doubtful accounts " is debited by crediting account 411 for the total amount of receivables that the entity has from customers whose solvency appears doubtful or with whom the entity is in litigation.

Account 413 is debited by crediting Account 411 at the time the bills are received. This account is credited, at the maturity of the bill or at the discount date, by debiting:

In the case where the bill is returned by the lending institution for non-payment or any other reason, in particular a claim, non-acceptance or irregularity of the bill, the repayment of the discount credit shall result in:

  • a credit to the account of the lending institution;

  • the reinstatement of the original receivable as an asset and, where appropriate, the recording of a provision for impairment equal to the amount of the probable loss.

In the case where the remitter receives a notice of non-payment and the lending institution retains the bill, the records are not necessarily reversed in the accounts of that institution. If there is a reversal, the symmetrical transaction is made in the entity's accounts. If there is no reversal, a provision for liabilities is made by the entity.

Account 418 " Customers - Revenue not yet invoiced " is debited at the end of the accounting period with the amount, including taxes, of the receivables related to the ended period and for which supporting documents have not yet been prepared, by crediting the relevant accounts of Classes 4 and 7.

At the beginning of the following period, these records are reversed.

However, entities may also credit account 418 directly by debiting account 411 when the supporting document is prepared, with the necessary adjustments being recorded in the relevant accounts.

Account 4191 " Customers - Advance payments on account received on orders " records advance payments received by the entity on orders to be delivered, works to be performed or services to be provided. It is credited by debiting a cash account with the advance payments received from customers. It is debited, after invoicing, with these advance payments by crediting account 411.

Account 4196 " Customers - Payables for returnable packaging and equipment " is credited with amounts billed by the entity to its customers for returnable packaging or equipment by debiting account 411.

It is debited by the same amount:

  • by crediting account 411 when the packaging is returned;

  • by crediting the relevant accounts of Class 7 if the packaging is retained by the customer; this may be a disposal of fixed assets or a disposal of supplies, depending on the accounting method used for the packaging;

  • by crediting account 411 and the subdivision of account 708 entitled " Bonuses on returns of returnable packaging " when the return is made for a price lower than the consignment price.


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