II. Functioning of accounts
Class 4.  Accounts receivable and payable

43. Social security and other social agencies


The accounts 431 " Social security " and 437 " Other social agencies " are credited respectively with:

  • amounts owed by the entity to social security and other social agencies as employer's contributions for social security, family allowances, workplace injuries and employee pensions, by debiting the relevant expense accounts by nature;

  • amounts to be paid to the above-mentioned agencies on behalf of employees by debiting account 421 " Employees - Salaries payable " .

They are debited with the payments made to these agencies by crediting a cash account.

Where, in accordance with the terms of certain wage agreements, collective agreements or employment contracts, the entity has paid its employees all or part of their compensation for sickness, accident or maternity, account 4387 " Accrued income " is debited with the amount of the various payments it has made to its employees on behalf of social security and other social agencies, by crediting account 641 " Employee compensation " .


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