II. Functioning of accounts
Class 7. Revenues

70. Sales of manufactured goods,
services and goods for resale


Like inventories, sales are classified according to the entity's own classification, methods of establishment and compatibility with the official classification of goods and services, which are identical to those described in the article on the functioning of the accounts of Class 3 " Inventory and work in progress ".

Subdivisions of sales accounts may be opened to identify:

  • sales in France and in foreign countries;

  • sales made by the entity to affiliated entities or equity related entities;

  • sales at cost price.

Sales of goods, services and ancillary income are credited to the following accounts: 701 " Sales of finished goods ", 702 " Sales of intermediate goods ", 703 " Sales of residual goods ", 704 " Work ", 705 " Studies ", 706 " Services ", 707 " Sales of goods for resale " and 708 " Ancillary income ".

Off-invoice allowances, discounts, rebates given or which cannot be linked to a specific sale, are debited to account 709 " Sales allowances, discounts, rebates given ".

Payment discounts, even when they are deducted from the sales invoice, are debited to account 665 " Discounts given ".


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