II. Functioning of accounts
Class 6. Expenses

63. Taxes, duties and similar payments


Income taxes are not recorded in this account. They are recorded in account 695 " Income taxes ".

Taxes and duties payable to the Treasury on payroll are debited to account 631 " Taxes, duties and similar payments on payroll (to tax authorities) " in the various subdivisions concerned, entitled:

  • Payroll taxes;

  • Apprenticeship tax;

  • Employer participation to lifelong professional training;

  • Adjustement of contribution for housing construction.

The counterpart is credited to account 447 " Other taxes, duties and similar payments ".

When the amount of expenses eligible for tax exemption, paid or due at the time of assessment, is less than the amount of the tax or mandatory contribution, the entity credits account 447 or the subdivision of account 448 entitled " State - Accrued expenses and accrued income " with the amount of the remaining payment to the Treasury by debiting account 631.

Non-refundable payments or grants corresponding to payroll taxes and contributions are debited to account 633 " Payroll taxes and similar payments (other organizations) " in the various subdivisions concerned, entitled:

  • Employer participation to lifelong professional training when these are non-refundable payments,

  • Contribution for housing construction when the expenses are in full discharge,

  • Payment in full discharge eligible for the apprenticeship tax exemption.

Other amounts recognized as expenses are recorded in the appropriate expense accounts of Class 6.

When accrued expenses at the end of the financial year can be considered as expenses in full discharge according to the legislation, these expenses are debited to the relevant asset or expense accounts by crediting the relevant account of Class 4 " Accounts receivable and payable ".


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