II. Functioning of accounts
Class 6. Expenses

603. Changes in inventory
(supplies and goods for resale)


Account 603 " Changes in inventory: supplies and goods for resale " is used to record changes in inventories of supplies and goods for resale.

The balances of sub-accounts 6031 " Changes in inventory of raw materials (and supplies) ", 6032 " Changes in inventory of other consumables " and 6037 " Changes in inventory of goods for resale " of account 603 represent the difference between the value of the inventory of supplies and goods for resale at the end of the financial year and the value of the same inventory at the end of the previous financial year, i.e. the difference in value between the final inventory, known as the ending inventory, and the initial inventory, known as the beginning inventory, without taking into account impairment losses.

These accounts for changes in inventory are debited with the value of the beginning inventory and credited with the value of the ending inventory. Accordingly, the balance of account 603 represents the total change in inventory value from the beginning to the end of the financial year.

Accounts 6037, 6031, and 6032 may have debit or credit balances. They are shown in the income statement as adjustment accounts for the deduction or addition of purchases of goods for resale on the one hand, and supplies on the other hand.


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