II. Functioning of accounts
Class 8. Special accounts

80. Commitments


Commitment accounts record rights and obligations that may affect the amount or the content of balance sheet items. The effects of rights and obligations on the amount or the content of balance sheet items are subject to the fulfilment of subsequent conditions or transactions.

The subdivisions of account 80 provide details by nature of the various commitments.

  • Accounts 801 and 802 record the entity's debit and credit positions, if any, with third parties.

    801. Commitments made by the entity

       8011. Bonds, sureties, guarantees

       8014. Bills in circulation endorsed by the entity 

       8016. Upcoming leasing payments 

          80161. Equipment leasing 

          80165. Real estate leasing 

       8018. Other commitments made 

    Other commitments made include unvalued contributions to an Economic Interest Grouping (E.I.G.).  

    802. Commitments received by the entity 

       8021. Bonds, sureties, guarantees 

       8024. Discounted receivables not yet due 

       8026. Leasing commitments received 

          80261. Equipment leasing 

          80265. Real estate leasing 

       8028. Other commitments received 

    Regarding bills, the following entries are made in the commitment accounts on the date of discounting:

    • the amount of discounted receivables not yet due is debited to account 8024;

    • the amount of bills in circulation endorsed by the entity for the financing received is credited to account 8014.

    Write-offs of commitments are made on a date subsequent to the maturity date of bills, after the expiration of the appeal periods.

    In the event of the bill of exchange being returned by the lending institution for non-payment or for any other reason, in particular claim, non-acceptance or irregularity of the bill, the repayment of discount credit requires the reversal of the commitment entries relating to the returned bill.

  • Counterpart accounts are opened in account 809.

    809. Commitments counterpart 

       8091. Contrepartie 801 

       8092. Contrepartie 802 


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