II. Functioning of accounts
Class 2. Fixed assets

21. Tangible fixed assets


Account 211 records the land value. A distinction is made between:

  • undeveloped land without construction;

  • serviced land;

  • underground and above ground level land. This account is used when the entity does not own the three components that can be attached to the same piece of land: ground, underground and above ground. Thus, the account of above ground level land records the value of the right to build on or use the space above the ground that is not owned by the entity;

  • quarry land;

  • developed land that has its own construction;

  • developed land that has a third party building on it.

Expenditures for land development, such as land fences and landscaping, are recorded in account 212 " Land fixtures and installations " .

Account 213 " Buildings " includes:

  • buildings;

  • installations, fittings and fixtures;

  • infrastructure works.

Account 214 records the value of constructions built on third-party land. It has the same subdivisions as account 213.

Account 218 " Other tangible fixed assets " records the value of various installations, fixtures and fittings financed by the entity when it does not own these assets, i.e. when they are incorporated in fixed assets which it does not own or over which it has no other real right.


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