II. Functioning of accounts
Class 1. Equity and liabilities

15. Provisions


Account 151 " Provisions for liabilities " records all provisions intended to cover identified risks inherent in the entity's activity, such as those resulting from warranties given to customers or from transactions in foreign currencies.

Account 153 " Provisions for pensions and similar obligations " records provisions for expenses that may arise from legal or contractual obligations conferring retirement or other post-employment benefits on employees (life insurance, health insurance).

Account 154 " Provisions for restructuring " records provisions for expenses that may arise from restructuring operations such as the discontinuation of a branch of activity or the closure of a site.

Account 155 " Provisions for taxes " records provisions for taxes that correspond to the probable tax charge for the financial year but which are deferred in time and whose final recognition depends on future results.

Account 156 " Provisions for the renewal of fixed assets (concession companies) " records provisions for the renewal of fixed assets set up by public service concession companies.

Account 157 " Provisions for deferred expenses " records provisions intended to cover foreseeable, significant expenses that are not annual in nature, such as major repairs, and which consequently cannot be supported in the financial year in which they are incurred.

When a provision is made, the provision account is credited by debiting:

It is readjusted at the end of each financial year by:

When the risk is realized or the expense occurs, the previously made provision is balanced by crediting accounts 781, 786 or 787. At the same time, the expense incurred is recorded in the relevant account of Class 6.


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